Sep 20, 2014


A little throwback is in order!!!
Back to one of my favorite places in Sri Lanka..
Hatton and Adam's Peak..

Hatton was a very scenic place. When we went it was gloomy but still lots to see.. It is surrounded with tea plantations, lots of flower trees and a long lake. There are little islands in the middle of the lake landscaped by Mother Nature herself (that's what i want to believe).

Hatton is like an extension of Newara Eliya..

An hour away from Hatton is Adam's Peak.. 
It is around 6000 steps, 4th highest point in Sri Lanka and it took my breath away.. LITERALLY!!!
That ascent was a BITCH!!! I mean heart pumping!

So we woke up at 1am to take an hour-long tuktuk ride to the base of Adam's Peak..
Unluckily we were not ready for the rain so we had to make a few stops in between to keep dry. No flashlights either so it was only the full moon that was lighting our way up..
We started first at 2am. Then the rest started coming..

I have to repeat it, we started first, but i arrived last! 

Looking back, i would definitely consider this experience, for the lack of words, spiritually enriching!

I wrote in my journal called instagram :

September 08, 2014

"Today I've pushed myself to the extreme. Almost 6000 steps up the highest point of Sri Lanka with rain, fog and wind. At some point I asked myself why I was doing this. But then I've realized that this is what life is all about.. life is not a race to the top. What matters most is u reach what you were destined to achieve and it doesn't matter if u come first or u reach last.."

I never felt so alive. I could hear my heart pumping so fast and hard. I had to take pauses and sit down every 20 steps up just to keep breathing. At some point you couldnt feel your legs..

You will see halos of light and at the back of your mind you would think youre 10 steps away from the top. Its like Shiva was testing your will power..

I arrived around 7:30 am.. The people who reached the top earlier were already descending.. They were all very sweet trying to cheer me up! I needed that to be honest!

So i pushed and pushed more..
I was greeted with a heater, a few smiling faces and a nice cup of tea!!!
It was priceless! 
(but wont probably do it again any time soon.. HAHA)

Enjoy the day time view..