Jul 10, 2014


Its always fun to create! If im not photographing, id be doodling random stuff..
Before even Ramadan started I told myself i need to do something that will make use of the extra time i will be having for 30 days..

And so i ended up creating these XRAY clutches..
Its been fun making patterns. I dunno if they are still on trend but being in Dubai where people love to lounge on the pool every weekend, I thought this shouldnt be a bad idea..

The first mini collection has 5 different colors, all of the same size and style.. 

If you love to use it for pool side purposed, your phone, sunglasses, a lip gloss or a lipstick will definitely fit in it. You can even slip on your house key and maybe your credit card in case you wanna order pizza and want it delivered to your pool side..

These clutches are very flexible in the sense that you can use it with a simple and casual day look, you can pair it with an abaya or a jalabiya. It was designed to be very handy that you can stuff it in with things you need when you are on the go. Its already a statement piece in itself..

Coming soon! A bigger version that will fit more poolside essentials. (We have to consider the need to put a bottle of tanning lotion or sunblock!)

check out www.fashlink.com or click here..