Feb 21, 2014

The Birthday Escape!

And so im back!
It was a fun 2 weeks going around the French Indochine region..

Day one..
First 10 hours into the trip..

Originally i planned to spend my birthday in 3 countries - India, Thailand and Cambodia.. But it didnt really push through. The closest i got to India was the Mumbai airport. While I am a person who hates saying no, everybody in the bloody indian airport preferred to say no..
 Can u imagine how annoying that was?

First it was the immigration officer..
Then the Jet Airways representative who said he couldnt book a hotel for me coz they dont do tie ups with any. Seriously! Even the worst airlines have tie ups. So i let it pass..
They all just wanna get rid of me..

I ended up welcoming my birthday at a bar inside the airport called CELEBRATIONS.
I almost laughed out loud..

So i went in and ordered myself a glass of whites..

A few glasses and some dose of Tina Fey after I got bored and decided to explore the airport. Desperately looking for a place where i can get free internet connection. Unfortunately, i found none. Not even the attempt of buying a sim card helped. They just wanted me to pay them a thousand rupees just to give me the password of some lounge's internet connection. I was just happy to know that i was not really that desperate..

I ended up walking around just to stay awake. 10 hours in the airport on your birthday, alone, was not as easy as i thought. No place to nap but the cold chairs next to strangers. Not so comfortable to be honest. And the mosquitoes! I hate mosquitoes!!
10 hours later, it was boarding time!

To be continued..