Feb 25, 2014

French IndoChine Escape : Day 01

My first time in Bangkok! 
Thank god i was meeting my good friend Alex who will be my travel companion for the next 10 days around the IndoChine region..

So after 10 hours of being in the Chhatraptai Shivaji Internation Airport in Mumbai, after glasses of whites and mosquitoes feasting on me, after walking around like a zombie because i was sleepless, I arrived Thailand. Thank god no lost baggage. Im still thankful i flew with Jet Airways. Every flights has a free meal regardless how long it was.. HAHA.. Indian hospitality! 

Alex's flight from Singapore was an hour behind me so i waited for him to arrive..
we did the usual tourist drill and got ourselves a local sim card! YES! its a must! I only costs like 550 baht or 55 dirhams for a months worth of internet connection! Totally worth it!

Took a snap because facebook update is always important in this day and age..

I love the whole industrial feel of the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Very modern. I honestly didnt expect that! Impressed! and theres not a lot of traffic getting through immigration (because everybody was actually working, thank god! I hate going through immigration to be honest.)

50 baht and two toll gates later, we arrived in Lumpinee where our hotel was. (Yes, from the airport you have to pay 50 baht extra and you have to pay for 2 toll gates plus whatever is in the taxi meter.)

Check out - http://www.pinnaclehotels.com/lumpinee/ (free breakfast and its buffet! I was a happy camper during our stay)

I was really exhausted by the time we checked in the hotel BUT no time to waste!!! We freshened up, put some make up on (why not! i was no longer in dubai! HAHA..) and the hunt for street food started! WE WERE STARVING and wasted no time..

20 Baht each. Tastes like heaven!

Sweet tacos. HAHA.. I think its meringue in taco like shells. YUM!

In Thailand, you can never go wrong with food. EVERYTHING tastes AMAZING!!!

After chowing, Alex and I went to Si Lom to exchange some money. We met up with Benjamin after. It was my first time meeting Benjamin. We've been talking online since we stumbled upon each other online back in Nepal! Crazy man!

It was time to celebrate!!!
and yet again it was time to eat!

Cheers! Happy 29th to me!
and the drinking continued until the next morning! HAHA.. of course!

I felt bloated at the end of the night. Not drunk though.. I guess its hard to be drunk in Bangkok where food is readily available in the streets! Cheap, fresh and oh so good food!

Oh we had a stop over in one of the gay bars in Si Lom. Drag queens and ladyboys lip syncing to Beyonce and the dream girls! HAHA.. it was fun! Horny gay men all over! Clean fun!

IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT with two of the best people in the world!

I ended the night in front of a temple with Benjoe, eating the best chicken feet in the whole wide world! I ate everything to the bones! HAHA..

Next day, we headed to Siem Reap!!

To be continued..