Dec 5, 2013

Date with Tom & Serg

I wont lie, its quite a mission finding this place due to the fact that the signage outside is quite small..
We actually went there yesterday at 5pm but to our disappointment the place closes at 4pm.. 
We were starving and ended up dining at the closes Cheesecake Factory in the Mall of the Emirates..

A friend introduced me to Tom & Serg..
And thank God!
Our mission didnt stop yesterday. 
We went again and had an amazing lunch today..


Tom & Serg is all about fusion food. Tom is from the land down under and Serg is Spanish.. (according to the staff we had a chat with)..


The are still in the soft opening stage thats why their menu is not as big as your regular restaurant..

I would suggested you get seated on table 17. Its a table for 4 just near the door. The restaurant has a cozy-industrial feel. Very laid back. Not intimidating. Good source of natural light. 

Since it was a quick escape from the office, (i normally take my lunch in front of my laptop) we just tried a few of their dishes. The soup was amazing to begin with! Filling but not really.. Just enough to get you started..

Look at the texture. YUM!

And since it was our first time, we asked the server who attended to us what she'd recommend..
I got the Jerk Chicken. Sweet. I love how there's coriander on the salad. Im obsessed! Every bit was devoured! Skipped the potato wedges though..

My friend Alex tried the Roast Lamb Salad. I had a bit. I am not a fan of lamb but it was really interesting how they treated this dish. The lamb is cooked to strips.. No weird smell as well.. HAHA.. I would definitely try to order this the next time..

I enjoyed the place. Will definitely go back soon and try the rest of what this place has to offer.. and i cant go without taking a photo of there quirky wall.. Clare Geeves will love this.. HAHA.. (thought of you my loves after reading through the wall..)

If you wanna have coffee and or just chill in front of your laptop, you can head upstairs as well.. the place is two story.. the best part is you dont need reservations. the place is a bit of a secret at the moment. I kinda wish theyll keep it this way..

Visit for more info. Location map is downloadable in the website as well..
Bon appetie!!!