Feb 9, 2013


I was at the Al Serkal Avenue for the opening of WILD THINGS. It was a group exhibit participated by a couple of traditional and digital contemporary artists based in the UAE. It is an annual art gathering and now on its 4th year. The exhibition is curated by The Domino, a Dubai-based creative company that works to build platforms for and support the work of active artists in the local community.


My personal thoughts : Its was nice to be able to see an art gathering. But i was honestly bored. I expected something big being in Dubai. The artworks didnt appeal much to me. There were a few of course. But I felt it lacked heart. That's just me. The artworks didnt compelled me to stand infront of it and stare. I dunno.. Probably just me..


I was happy to see different techniques by different artists. I enjoyed checking out their different styles.. My personal favorites of course are Lama Khatib and Kristy Anne Ligones' works.. 

Works by Kristy Anne Ligones

My fabulous friend Alex..

His favorite pieces in the exhibition. Works of Lama Khatib.

Awesome details.

I guess at the end of the day, our interpretation to art will always vary. Perhaps it depends on how expose we are. I do not say i am an expert when i comes to art. But i must say i've seen quite a few mind-blowing pieces in this life time..

I hope the 5th installation next year will be more interesting..
and please, pour me a glass of champagne will you?