Dec 3, 2012


"If in doubt, ask!"

I am not pissed. I am just disappointed.

So i was in Dubai Mall for the finals of the Sephora and Dior Make Up Masters last friday. Its safe to say that i was there from beginning to end.

I was only missing in action for like 30 mins because a rude french guy who was in-charge of the set up told me that i cannot take photos because im not the official photographer. Please sir, why dont you stick to the fucking job you were paid for. Duh! Everyone was taking photos. Have a little respect asshole!

To clear the air, I took a round the mall and decided to come back and check the remaining 2 hours before the final part of the competition. 

I decided to talk to someone from the Sephora team if i could take photos and i was permitted to. HA!

Anyway, i am not gonna go all Cathy Horyn here. I need to eat more hotdogs and burgers before i reach her infamous fashion status. RESPECT! The world needs more of her, i really think so.

So a little background of the Sephora and Dior Make Up Masters. Its the first time that its happening in the Middle East and was open to all the staff working for Sephora from across the region. Participants from Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE and other M.E. branches were asked to study the Dior beauty manual. There was a series of test given to whoever was interested to participate although everyone was encourage to give it there best..

From the results of the test, twelve were chosen to take part of the first make up challenge that was held last June. The theme was Birds of Paradise. Feathers were flying. Out of the twelve, six were chosen to continue on the finals.

The final six contestants went on a few more training before they were given the theme for the finals which was backstage makeup. Now if you google Backstage Makeup Dior you will see crazy makeup. This is the John Galliano way. It was all about the excessive glitters and the brow-less models if not exaggerated brows.

Now, my first question is.. When they said backstage makeup, did they mean the Galliano way or of Raf Simons minimal standard? We have to consider this too. This has to stay current as well. But then, when the six finalist were trained after they were declared top six, the make up technique demonstrated to them was of Galliano's [over the top] standards. They were shown how to cover the eyebrows using soap and foundation. 

So my second question is, what was the point of the training if you cannot apply it on the final stage of the competition? Right? There were only two contestants that applied this technique and neither of them won. How funny is that? How ironic?

If the people behind the competition decided to "update" the theme to Raf Simons standards [obviously without any prior notice, proper briefing and training] then why did it take four grueling hours of make up application? Seriously, I can finish my smokey eye in just 30mins or less. I cannot help but raise this question too, because in real life, no make up artist is ever gonna get that luxury of time.

 Another point i would like to cite are the panelists. Who were they again? Two international make up artists from Dior, one fashion blogger, and two from there Sephora team, who were not even make up artists but were part of the marketing/admin team. 

So how reliable are these people? Do they really know how to judge? Lets spare the two international make up artists. No questions on their credibility. 

But it was obviously not a fashion show nor a styling competition, so why put a fashion blogger? Ok, she is a loyal supporter of Dior and Sephora, so what? Fuck that! Fashion and Beauty are two different industries. Yes they work side by side. But there was no styling-by-the-make-up-artist involved in the competition. Why a fashion blogger? Why the fuck didn't you get the only reliable beauty blogger in the whole of the middle east, why not Huda Kattan? Another thing, how can someone judge a beauty competition when she just arrived 5 mins before the final part of the event?

Why was the marketing/admin team part of the judging? Werent they supposed to be just part of the production to avoid biases? They shouldnt be there! Dior and Sephora are a well-established brands, they could have flew anyone more credible, more established. Were they cost-cutting? AGAIN? So why do a competition if you just end up compromising?

And what was the criteria for judging? 30% goes to how much black eye shadow was used? 30% goes to excess use of bronzer? 40% goes to dancing skills? Did anybody even mentioned how the judging procedure was? Well, if ever they did, i must have passed out or something. 

Another strange thing i have observed, overheard while i was there : One BA (Beauty Assistant) from Dior who was in the audience, just infront of me was telling everybody who was going to take the bacon home even before they announced it. Like she had ESP or something, like it was already expected. STRAAANGE!!!

Was the competition all staged? Did the decision come from one person only? Did she won because she was a Sephora Ambassador? Did they really think she can represent the middle east if ever Sephora decides to host the World Make Up master? Can she keep up? Was there politics? Was there really a criteria set?

One thing is for sure.. there was a lot of $%@#%@@# that happened yesterday. No questions about it. 

Hashtag S.M.H.