Dec 28, 2012


So how would you some up 2012 in one word? What is your word for the year that is about to say goodbye? Its three and a half more days to go to 2013, its the last party weekend of the year..
Have you thought about it?

Well, i have.. It occurred to me yesterday while i was taking a shower. And no, i wasn't doing it..
I have to say that my word for the 2012 is..

This is not to sound [entirely] cool but this year has been such a challenging year for me. It squeezed out a lot of juices within me be it creative, financial, social, et cetera.. And there was a lof of mixed pain and pleasure that i felt after beating the shit out of myself..

I cant even imagine how I survived in Bahrain for almost 6 months without a stable job. And what's more surprising is, i was able to socialize and meet new people, get drunk, get a tan, live in an awesome apartment, smoke and eat almost all i want.. I was able to pay my rent..

If i think about it now, i was living THE LIFE..
(just dont remind me of the stress at the end of each month..)

2012 has really bring out the best in me.. and i am just so happy i survived!
Thank you to everyone who never left my side.. you guys know who you are..
I have moved on and couldnt be happier that i am in Dubai 
(which i think would require a lot more of masturbating.. in 2013..)
My word in 2013 shall be "ATTRAVERSIAMO"
Lets conquer the world!

Do share your word for 2012 and please make it even more disturbing..