Nov 10, 2012

Meeting the fashion royalties of Dubai..

Over the moon. I must be dreaming. Star struck. Hash tag it all.. 

I was indeed lucky to be there. But then again, i believe in luck no more. It was more of "The Secret" moment. Another proof that the law of attraction really does work. Even before i came to Dubai i have dreamed of this day to come. And it came sooner than i have expected.

Last night was rather special. Very very special. 
Even more special when you didnt expect it to happen. This soon. 

The fashion royalties of Dubai. Michael Cinco, The Style Monger, Essa, Angelo Estera and Bandoix Flores Nebria.

The Style Monger, Butz Fuentes.

Eros Goze and The Style Monger.

with the one and only Michael Cinco.
I want to blog the details but would take forever and dragging. HAHA..
So ill let the photos speak. Lets just say i partied with the royalties last night. And it was full of laughter after a couple of glasses of champagne. It was fun!

Thank you Posh Salon for such an amazing opportunity.