Oct 18, 2012


I havent written something deep in a long time. Nothing since my move to Dubai. By deep i mean something personal. All has been about fashion. So lets take a break. 

This is a true moment. And I wanna document it. 

Here goes..

Its funny how things fall in to our lives. I remember, while i was 4 months jobless and visa-less in Bahrain, i wrote something in a paper and posted it infront of my bed where i can see it every time i wake up. 

It brought smiles and doubts every time. It was a constant battle of wether ill get a job or stay jobless and visa-less. There were a few funny interviews that came but the offer wasn't what i asked for and the jobs were not the ones i really love. It wasn't really what i was attracting. There was hesitation. No excitement at all. 

Life went on. Everyday was a struggle. Every end of the month id be very stress on where to take money for rent. I've asked and beg for my old company to give me my "separation pay". I got half of it which helped me for the first 2 months. There were small jobs coming in and id be very happy and thankful. But the instability continued. and worst, no shopping. 

It went on for 4 months. Looking back I dont know how i survived it. Dont know how i stayed sane. Just forever grateful to all the people who shared those rough times with me. Very thankful most especially to my friends and my roommie. You all have kept me entertained. All the Karaoke sessions, the cooking fest, the pool parties on weekends, the movie marathons and smokey breaks.

Moving on now, I am just so thankful to all of you guys.

Its amazing (and funny at the same time) how I am in Dubai now, working on a job i love and earning. This was what i wanted. I asked for stability and i got it. Its truly amazing when you put your whole mind and heart into something. You just have to want it so badly that you dont leave space for doubts. Its amazing how the law of attraction worked for me. 

One VERY simple example of its manifestation is, every morning i get rough hands coz I always forget to put on lotion (im not really a morning person and because of that im always in a hurry). So i always tell myself to get a hand cream but never had the time to go to the supermarket. Then I went to a breast cancer awareness event this evening and guess whats in the goodie bag? Aside from a couple of gift vouchers and pink stuff, there was a Dove hand cream that was in it. (It actually triggered this post.) Thats how i was amazed by the power of the law of attraction. 

Start little. This way you can master the law of attraction. Meditate. Be positive even on rough times. Be thankful. Always. Think of happy thoughts before you go to bed. Say thank you and greet each morning with a positive outlook. Declare that your day will be amazing and it shall be. Be happy. 
Ask. Believe. Receive. I guess i have a new mantra. 

Good night everyone.
Smile! Always!