Jul 16, 2012

Off to the Land of the Emirs..

So im off to Dubai in like 2 days..
I have always hated packing..
all the more moving to a new country..
coz new rules [to be followed] is SOP..
especially in the Middle East..


So, I have to let go of a few things..
The make up,
The wardrobe,
The chunky accessories..
The oversize bags and sunglasses..

Yes, its been hard to let go of them 5 inches..
Its epic..

Its like breaking up with a boy..
(im sure my imeldific friends would understand the struggle)


So many things to pack.. 
So little time..

This is separation anxiety..
but then again it will be a new life..
new look, new beginning, new wardrobe..
new opportunities waiting for me in the land of the Emirs..

So wish me luck and keep in touch..