Apr 13, 2012

BAHRAIN : Sit back, relax and do the hookah!

I havent been out for a loooong time..
probably went out 10 times only in the last 2 months for meetings..
*laugh my ass off*
Hibernation is officially, definitely done!

(No wonder i instantly got a flu..)

So after a business meeting in Seef, Frankie and I went directly to BCC to meet Kerk..
Spent an hour in Virgin Mega Store..
Spotted a couple of books im planning to buy when i get my next pay check..
then  dinner..
then tea while waiting for the 11:15 pm reservations for The Hunger Games..
(I'm still not sure if i liked the movie..)

We got out of the cinema by 1:30 am..
Next plan was to go to Adliya for an hour of shisha..
So while we were in the cab, the driver told us he had to pick up one 
passenger before he could drop us in Adliya and we gladly said yes..
To our surprise the passenger he needed to pick up works at a shisha 
joint, in a random corner in the old Manama..
Spontaneous as we are, we decided to try the place. 
It was old and affordable. 
I must say the shisha was good. 
(Yes i know im sick, but what to do yanni!)

It was a very interesting place.. 
Ill definitely come back for a visit..

Frankie and Kerk. My weekend buddies.

Vintage things every where. Music box. A marble phone. Television. Lots of Shisha.

Welcome to Allimbi. Where lovebirds greet you at the door.

On the way to Swan Lake.

The morning after. We left the shisha place around 3 or 4 am.
We went to Swan Lake for breakfast.

After Tom Yum Soup, Barbecue, and Tortang Talong..

It was a Happy meal indeed..

ADHD. :p

Walking towards home. Photo op for me.

Photo op for Kerk too..

I wonder why. Poor maintenance? Broken heater? A/C needs to be replaced?
FAMILIAR! I need to post this in front of my door!

Very reliable. The best.

International English Language Testing System. REALLY?!

It was a beautiful Friday, the 13th, morning. Who says Bahrain is boring? 
Take a morning walk and you'll see what i mean..

more photos of the morning walking in my Facebook : PH by Plhong Flores