Jan 22, 2012

What's in the bag?

Ashwathy Shyam Kumar : Designer-in-the-making, 
Fashion illustrator, Stylist, Artist,
 Freelance designer. Residing in Bahrain and 
working in the design team for Adams Kids, Bahrain

What's in the bag :

Wayfarers by H&M
Lots of jewellery - you'll never know where the day takes you.
Kohl pencil in black - I carry one in every bag of mine, even have one on my desk at work!
Givenchy lipstick in Ibiza pink and precious Rose
Tinted lip balm (gifted)
Clarins compact foundation in "Amber"
Clarins eyeshadow- palette maquillage
Triple x minx eyeshadow by Mikyajy
Ingot primer, Eyeshadow blending brush by sigma
MAC liquid foundation NC 42
Clinique anti blemish solutions moisturiser
Anne Klein watch, A spare phone
Charger, Body shop concealer

What's in yours?