Oct 25, 2010

bargain hunting..

last week..
i tagged along with my friends when they decided to have a walk..
(i told u were trying to be healthy)
and we ended up in the manama souk..

it was so random and fun..
i wanted a pair of pakistani shoes that we went around to look for it..

i got a pair finally for 3 BD!!!
and they fit me perfectly..
they look good with blue jeans..

the best buy..

a pure snake skin bag - im convince - from pakistan..
for 3.500 BD
i think its 80 years old..

there are so many interesting things at the souk..
from head to toe..
and the price is not bad at all..
you can even ask for discounts..
i suggest you take advantage of the good weather..
explore the souk..
im sure you will not go home empty handed..

if u need a shopping buddy..
im always around!

cant wait for the next trip to the souk..